Chronicle: The Stranger Gael

AMG000722a-rigging_CSG2This is the research page for a book I’ve started, with it’s roots in Galloway family genealogy. Watch for links to story segments and to information on Scottish emigration & settlement of colonial America, ca. 1650-1850.

Story Segments, on Medium

Research Threads

  • Language branches – Scots and Scotch-Irish
  • Scottish Lowlands – the land & the people
  • Scottish Lowlands – a swath of history, from the Mull of Galloway to the borders of North Umbria.
  • Scottish Emigration – West Coast ports – Greenock, Glasgow, Ayr?
  • Scotch-Irish Emigration – the Ulster Scots (protestant Northern Island)
  • Colony of New York
  • Orange County (then Monroe County) & Woodbury Clove, NY
  • Revolution, along the Hudson
  • Migration North (to Rochester/Palmyra)
  • Migration West (to Michigan) on the Erie Canal
  • Frontier Life (in SE Michigan)
  • Galloway on Wikipedia
  • Galloway Genealogy, courtesy Paul R. Galloway

This project will be collaborative, as we trace history and events over +200 years. Interest in connecting? Shoot me an email.

Chris Jones aka @sourcepov Charlotte NC