Creativity, of course (but where to begin?)


Pen at the ready (c) 2017 AMG

A CURATION PAGE – START HERE.  For me, barely a day goes by without the urge to create. It could be a short narrative, an image, a quick sketch.  The medium matters less than the idea – it’s almost always an imperfect work, anyway – but there’s still that chance for progress, a breakthrough, something of value.

A working definition –

Creativity is a deep desire to make something – sparking from new insights and ideas – to explore what’s possible when we’re willing to trust our intuition and take a risk. 

Over on I’ve been exploring the creative process. Here’s a curated synopsis of my top written reflections on creativity, each a 3-4-minute read (or far less) –

and my visual explorations focused on visual metaphor, often in nature –

What resonates for you?  Do you see creativity differently?  Please stop back in.  I’ll add more links, as the journey continues –

Best, and be safe,

Chris aka @sourcepov | Charlotte NC