Philosophy, the foundation

“Where does my world start and end?” asked the bird outside the cage image (c) 2017 Amberwood Media

A CURATION PAGE – START HERE.  Reading up on philosophy while holding-down a corporate day job, it’s only partly ironic when I turn to Aristotle or Kant for direction. After all, the study of knowledge and critical thinking haven’t always fared well in the enterprise.

Could a dose of epistemology help that stock price? Perhaps.

In the following posts, I trace some of those important foundations in western thought, all with an eye toward modern, 21st century applications:

Most of my posts have been out there awhile, but so has the subject matter: the underlying ideas have remained relevant for milennia. Sadly, in today’s frantic deluge of content (some of it mine), far too many important ideas are gathering dust.

Please, weigh in with your thoughts on the posts above – whether here, on Medium or on Twitter. I’ll be sharing updates and new posts on Twitter as well.

I hope you’ll stop back in.  Meantime, be safe out there.

Chris aka @sourcepov | Charlotte NC US