What is sourcepov?

A trusted source for insights to shape your digital journey, with a unique point of view – helping you unlock ways to work smarter.  In the 21st-Cenutry, business relationships and the marketplace itself are rapidly growing more complex. It’s a journey with many turns, with new challenges behind every decision.

As a seasoned practitioner, speaker and content developer, we can apply workplace expertise that’s been built over decades. Let us help you learn about and advance:

  • Collaboration – understanding factors that unlock problem-solving on teams
  • Organization culture – unpacking the factors that will either enable or block business productivity
  • Critical thinking – foundations for the informed workforce: getting smarter, faster
  • Agile adoption – creative approaches to embrace agility, on the road to agile
  • Virtual workplace – identifying enablers for the globally disperesed workforce that’s increasingly based at home
  • Technology strategy – guiding strategic plans for the CIO and senior technology leader on tools, processes, and governance.

Challenges and so-called best practices in these areas have taken years to emerge. But the underlying dynamics are starting to shift in real-time. Our focus is at the intersection of OD, KM and IT. We’ve been there, and we’re there now.

Let us help you find ways to work smarter. Drop us a line.