What is sourcepov?

A trusted source for insights to shape your business transformation, with a unique point of view – helping you unlock ways to work smarter.  In the 21st-Cenutry, business relationships and the marketplace itself are rapidly growing more complex. It’s a journey with many turns, with new challenges behind every decision.

As a seasoned practitioner, speaker, author and consulstant, I can help you apply advanced workplace expertise that’s been built over decades. Let’s work together to learn about and advance:

  • Collaboration – driving the decisions and sklls to unlock problem-solving on teams
  • Organization culture – unpacking the behaviors and mindsets that can foster (or block) business productivity, with focus on silo-thinking
  • Critical thinking – foundations for the informed workforce: getting smarter, faster
  • Knowledge practices – tapping KM to reach new levels of agility and capacity
  • Applied complexity (in business) – navigating the many challenges of our unpredictable social systems, leading to new demands for agility, diversity and adaptability
  • Agile adoption – creative approaches to embrace agility, on the road to Agile
  • Virtual workplace – identifying enablers for the globally disperesed workforce that’s increasingly based at home

Where in the organization are these benefits best leveraged? The advantages will flow throughout the enterprise, but the key leverage points are usually:

  • C-Suite – helping executives better understand org dynamics
  • Program & Product Management – key roles that can leverage and align the above improvement workstreams into tangible business value
  • Business & Technology strategy – guiding strategic plans for the CIO, COO and senior technology leader on tools, processes, and governance.

Challenges and so-called best practices in these areas have taken years to emerge. But the underlying dynamics are starting to shift in real-time. The old best practices aren’t necessarily wrong, but they need to be revisited and revised.

My focus is at the intersection of OD, KM and IT. I’ve been in those places, where the many demands for transformation are still expanding.

Let me help you find ways to work smarter. Drop us a line.