SMCHAT is a weekly Twitter Chat on social media, looking at new ways to network and collaborate as the paradigm continues to evolve.

Did you know we have a new WordPress site?

We cover lots of ground in our live sessions each WEDS 1pET, with a general theme of discovery. As Twitter increasingly plays a role of catalyst and enabler, we ask questions like these:

What is the upside potential for collaboration via social media? How can we tackle the many barriers to adoption, to figure out what is possible, and to more quickly leverage the enabling technology?

We’ve been collaborating since April 2009 and have posted nearly 40,000 tweets along these lines. Going forward, we will be working even more diligently to capture what we’ve come up with. It’s called aggregation and persistence. Google aside, the interactive or “live” social media world hasn’t quite sorted that part out yet.

That’s why we say #SMCHAT is social media innovation in 140c.

Make no mistake. Much of the benefit from SMCHAT and Twitter Chat’s like it are the strong relationships formed with new colleagues and collaborators around the globe.

Here’s our SERIES SCHEDULE effective 2013:

  • 1st WEDS Mobility w/ @autom8 and @smsjoe
  • 2nd WEDS Customer Service w/ @ambercleveland
  • 3rd WEDS Marketing w/ @sharonmostyn
  • 4th WEDS SocialChange w/ (yours truly) @sourcepov

Give us a try. We hope to see you there, WEDS 1pET.

#smchat – join the conversation

P.S. If you like where this is going, you’re in good company. Here are some more Twitter Chat’s with a similar vibe, including many crossover members. Check them out:

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