Time to Get Creative: 7 short Medium posts to unlock your Creativity

In the 21st century, sharing good ideas is easy.  But most of us keep our best thinking locked safely away. (c) 2016 Amberwood Media

Demands for creativity spark excitement for some, but fear in others. Where each of us lands depends greatly on our mindset.

Sadly, our creative potential is often locked behind a door of indecision.

In the following 7 Medium posts, I examine hurdles for unpacking and unlocking our creativity.  Each of them are short, 2-3 minute reads.  I explore the mindset, the process and the confounding alchemy of creativity.

Have a look, to see what resonates.


(1)Two Roads Diverged.  On Structure vs. Flow. 2m. 7/11/17 124 23 claps from 19 readers + 5 highlights
(2)Minimal: The New Black. Can our creativity emerge in smaller packages? 2m. 7/18/17 227 46 claps from 31 readers + 12 highlights
(3)Inception. When big ideas spark; 7 ideas for achieving our best. 2m. 8/7/17 181 15 claps from 10 readers + 13 highlights
(4)The Creative’s Journey. Key forces and 5 ephinanies. 3m. 9/21/17 517 63 claps from 10 readers + 2 highlights
(5)Morsels of Creativity. Economy & Eloquence. 3m. 10/26/17 146 91 claps from 15 readers + 11 highlights
(6)Making space for inspiration. From the East, 4 dimensions of space beyond desk & blotter. 2m. 2/1/18 71 7 claps from 3 readers
(7)The Creative Riff. Where good ideas come from. 2m. 8/15/17 233 21 claps from 8 readers + 3 highlights

My thinking has broader implications than you might think.  The benefits go beyond writing, art and photography.  Think about more generalized problem solving and solution design, where new ideas are at a premium.

In every setting imaginable, teams can (and ultimately, must) learn to leverage creative skills.  Like artists, teams must patiently remove hurdles until something new emerges. Teams, if they’re to be successful, must stay focused until their new ideas take life, ultimately, painstakingly, becoming reality.

To navigate change and sustainability, there’s a new bottom line: creative skills are essential for solving complex problems.

There’s really no limit to what we might achieve if we unlock our fears and uncertainties, if we can, like artists, be willing to take some chances.

I hope you’ll join my quest to unpack creative possibilities.

Reach out.  Let me know your thoughts.

Chris aka @sourcepov, Charlotte NC